New Social Studies Curriculum

A big box of curriculum documents landed on my desk last week. After handing them around to the teachers, cataloguing a few for the library collection, and storing the remainder in the Book room, I took a moment to have a look at one of them.

2013 edition

2013 edition

I wondered — what are the main differences between this curriculum update and the older one? Here is a great source I found for the answer. It’s the blog for the Ontario Elementary Social Studies Teachers’ Association (OESSTA).  They are looking for new members!  Why not join and keep up-to-date on all the new information?

Poetry Contest at RLMPS

Roses are red. Violets are blue.

I love poetry, how about you?Image

RLMPS Library is holding a Poetry Writing Contest!

Students (of RLMPS) may enter as many original poems as they wish to create.

Deadline is: May 3, 2013

Winning poems will be printed here and also displayed on the Poet Tree Bulletin board outside the Library.

To get you in the mood, here is a link to Dennis Lee’s famous poem: Alligator Pie.


For some background information, here is the Publisher’s Weekly Article about the video — Click Here.

Having Netbook troubles? Maybe this will help…

Asus Eee PC Function and Control Keyboard Commands

To navigate your way around your Asus Eee PC easily, take a look at this chart of some common keyboard commands using the control and functions keys:


Fn+F1 Puts the Eee PC in standby mode. Press the Power button to resume.
Fn+F2 Turns the wireless card on and off. On models with Bluetooth, also Toggles Bluetooth on and off.
Fn+F3 Decreases the screen brightness.
Fn+F4 Increases the screen brightness.
Fn+F5 Toggles the display mode between the Eee PC screen, an attached VGA Device (monitor or projector), or both.
Fn+F6 Runs the Task Manager.
Fn+F7 Mutes the speaker.
Fn+F8 Decreases speaker volume.
Fn+F9 Increases speaker volume.
Fn+F11 Turns keyboard Num lock on and off.
Fn+F12 Turns keyboard Caps lock on and off.
This information comes from this webpage: