Library Wall Art

Last year students in Mrs Kristoff’s Leadership class decided to add to the Library decor by adding something eye-catching to the library’s walls.  It was a long process deciding first what they wanted to do, where they wanted to put it, ordering it and finally getting it put on the wall.

Yesterday was the big day all their labour was finally realized!  A big thank you to the students who put this all together and also worked on getting it on to the wall.  Also, we appreciate the help of our maintenance staff Mrs Magel and Mr Aucoin for their assistance.Leadership wall art



Leadership students

Here are my hard-working students in action — L to R: Cassidy Johnson, Rebecca McFee, Amy-Dawn Langanki





Lovely books!

Valentine window 2018

Click here for a list of Romantic literature at RLDHS library.  Why not tell us what is your favourite romantic book?

Stop by the library for your choice of several Valentine bookmarks!  Share the book love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!







Beautifully expressed Eleonore! We are all so proud of Eric!

Eleonore Schönmaier



For Eric Radford

our fathers worked together under-

ground while you on the surface

gracefully chiseled the ice

the only boy figure skater

in town bullies taunted

you with their hockey

sticks. all of us children

of goldminers, and you

decorated with multiple

metals now seek gold: Olympic

girl in your hands the first time

you threw her she landed

perfectly. scared of

heights she trusts you to

twirl her above your head.

soulmates. your hidden self

shared with the world. fear

is a sound in the inner

ear but has no refuge

there. courage is your world

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Library Camouflage

I would dearly love to own some clothing like this!

Not that I am trying to hide or anything, it just suits my Geeky sensibilities!
Library fashion camo

Librarian In Library Dress GIF from Librarydress GIFs

This is a gif made from an episode of Mr. D – the crazy CBC comedy about an incompetent teacher with illusions of grandeur.  (Link) It’s like if Trump was teaching school — but actually not even that bad!  This character is Miss Terdie the librarian, whom Mr. D. dislikes immediately because he thinks she is trying to steal his name. (You might have to say their names one after the other… get it?)  This outfit was Miss Emma Terdie’s choice for her staff photo!

I must have been thinking of this because it’s going to be picture day in the library again soon.  February 5 and 6 the library will be closed for Grad photos.  Retakes take place on the morning of February 5th only.

Keeping smiling!


Wishlist Donations!

This morning I found a box from in my mailbox.  Hmm, I didn’t order any books, I thought.  I was hoping perhaps I had received a donation from the Library Wishlist, but also trying not to be too optimistic.  Now I am almost wishing I had filmed the unboxing because I had two, make that three,  very nice surprises.

The first was that yes, they were donations for our library.  The second one was that there were three books, not just one (which would have been lovely too!).  The third (and most surprising) was that they were from my daughter!  She certainly knows how to make her mama happy!

The books are:  The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury (a classic that I was very sad not to see on our shelves);  The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, (a Canadian classic and very timely right now) ; and Girl Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular, by Mayim Bialik (who is a Ph.D and is also known as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory).

I can easily see why my girl made these choices, after all, she has a Masters Degree in Science, and she is also an independent, strong-willed, successful woman.  But I thought I would ask her anyway.  Her response was that she couldn’t resist the chance to inspire students with a passion for science and feminism.

Here is one student who is already eager to read at least one of these books!

Donated books- Hailey likes one

Hailey can’t wait to read The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood.

New FNMI Resources

FMNI grant books

Here are some new First Nations books we were able to add to our library collection.

Last spring I was able to access some funds from an Equity & Inclusive Education Fund grant available from our school board.  I was also able to buy new books with an LGBT theme. (Perhaps I will post about those titles later).

I was very grateful for the extra funding as my library budget is hardly able to afford any new books at all.  There have already been several books signed out from the display!

I would like to thank Cynthia Seitz for her help in accessing the grant.  She is a great supporter of our school libraries!